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Las Vegas…Tips to Save

Vegas on the Strip

Las Vegas is a city of glam and glitz. It is also a town where you can pay top dollar or very little and still have a great time. You may ask how do I do that? First of all, never pay full price. I can tell you I go once a year and have […]

Road Trips: On a Budget

Calm Bridge Canvas Art

Road Trips can be whatever you want them to be. They can be elaborate; staying in high-end hotels and dining at fancy restaurants. They can be down and dirty; sleeping in your car, or low-end hotels. Eating fast food or from grocery stores. There are no rules. You can mix it up and travel whatever […]

Snap Out Of Winter Blues

City Slide

About a year ago I started taking trips for work and then did sightseeing along the way and at night. I found these trips to be very freeing and showing me that without a big plan and a lot of money I could experience the world with a new perspective. I spent many a day […]

Las Vegas Everyones a Star

Vegas on the Strip

Las Vegas The City Where Anyone Can Live Like a Star…Even if it is only for a few days Las Vegas the city of glam and glitter. People that have been there dream of the bright lights, the shows, the party like a rock star lifestyle. The tag line “What happens in Vegas stays in […]