Snap Out Of Winter Blues

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About a year ago I started taking trips for work and then did sightseeing along the way and at night. I found these trips to be very freeing and showing me that without a big plan and a lot of money I could experience the world with a new perspective. I spent many a day visiting stadiums in Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, Kentucky for nothing more than seeing them and taking pictures and seeing the neighborhoods in all of the areas.

Think that road trips have to be expensive? Or that you need to make huge plans to make road trips worth your time? Nope. Road trips, no matter how long they are, or the destination can be used to change your state of mind.

I learned that things people told me about areas were not accurate. The fear of cities because of the perceptions of others has turned out to be false. All cities have rough areas, nice areas, and rich areas, beauty is what you decide. I had no fear of areas that people said don’t go there it has a high crime rate etc. I understand things happen but I saw nothing that was so unnerving to fear the area.

These travels have helped me to see how others live and seeing the things that people take for granted in areas. I find now in movies, radio, and news articles things that I can now say I was there and know if what they are saying is right or wrong. I enjoyed everything about the trips, the food, the people I met, the scenery, and the way towns are set up.

Need to break the winter blues. Take a road trip even if it is for an hour and feel the freedom of the open road and carefree feeling of no plans.

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